Peru: pay TV market grows 8.2% in March

According to data from the Peruvian regulator Osiptel, the pay TV market registered 1.98 million connections in March, up 8.2% (or 150,000 subscribers), compared to the same month of 2017.
In March, Telefónica del Perú had 65.6% of market share, DirecTV 14.8%, Claro 9.7% and the rest of the operators 9.9%. However, the regulator noted that “the share of the latter grew by 2.2 percentage points while the share of the Telefónica group registered a decrease in the same proportion, compared to March 2017.”
According to Osiptel, pay TV connections of the three main companies grew, together, by 6.4%, but it was DirecTV and Claro that, together, experienced a greater year-on-year growth, compared to Movistar.
Contrary to what happens at national level, the market structure is different at the departmental level, due to particularities in each geographical area and greater number of providers. In this context, DirecTV led the market in seven departments: Madre de Dios (76%), Huancavelica (69%), Amazonas (62%), Puno (59%), Ayacucho (41%), Pasco (39%) and Apurimac (38%). On the other hand, the rest of the companies that operate at the local and/or regional level, registered all together the highest number of connections in six departments: Tumbes (72%), San Martín (58%), Loreto (54%), Piura (45%), Cajamarca (41%) and Huánuco (42%).