Perfil prepares multiplatform strategy for its entry into DTT market


Argentina’s media group Perfil will soon become a new player in the country’s DTT market. Cristian Hernández, digital director of Perfil Network, will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Argentina, on May 16 and 17 at the Intercontinental hotel in Buenos Aires. Prior to his participation in the event, the executive spoke with NexTV News Latam about the new project, the distribution in multiple platforms and the possibility of creating innovative formats in advertising.
-¿When will the channel be operational?
We hope to have the channel operational in the coming months, there are technical aspects that are a little beyond our control, therefore, to say exact dates is more a wish than a reality. But we are working very hard to do it as soon as possible, we can confirm that everything is going very well in relation to the initial plan. Very soon, the Argentines may have a new digital free-to-air TV channel, which will make them see themselves reflected in a very powerful way.
-Which digital platforms do you plan to use?
Currently, for the development of a project as a broadcast product, you must definitely consider that audiovisual consumption behaviors have changed, and will continue to do so in the coming years. We will start on all platforms, but not only replicating the FTA channel. We understand each platform in its own morphology. From there we have built a story that it functional to the content, but with the codes of each platform. There is a script for social networks, another one for digital web and another one dedicated to new platforms. We do not leave anything out … we go for everything!
-What are the main axes of the digital strategy of Net TV?
It is difficult to reveal the strategy before launching, what is coming for us is a journey where we have the clarity of looking at the project as a multi-platform content factory, where each distribution pipeline (web, social, smartTV, etc.) will have a personality of its own and will be functional to a general objective.
-Do you plan to offer live streaming through digital platforms?
Absolutely, our challenge is to be on all possible platforms. It’s not about being around, I think that’s the main flaw in the TV industry in Latin America, a platform appears and channels are uploaded to it, without being clear about the objective pursued or the platform’s dialogue code.
Today you can watch broadcast television on the web, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The question is … what is gained?, beyond the obvious to deliver the signal through many pipes. Do you wonder where you monetize better? … Obviously not. It’s like a compulsion to be everywhere, as if that were an end in itself.
We will focus on delivering something specific in each platform that incorporates a unique and synchronous value. We are more for transmedia and crossmedia than for replicating and replicating and replicating. Our intention is not to be like the others … that honor the “copy paste”.
-How important will digital advertising be in the monetization model?
Very important! We are for the development of traditional advertising, but we want, gradually, to provide new formats and alternatives. We seek to be partners of the brands, and constantly talk about how to make your campaigns a part of our content and not an isolated piece.
There are always clients who buy advertising in traditional formats (banners) and that’s fine. But we would like to be a real contribution that will change that a bit, to move on to a natural integration between content and brands.
Today many people talk about Branded Content, but is unclear if they are paid reports or sponsored series … they are a sum of distortions of the real concept. The ideal would be to achieve more natural ways of integrating advertising with content.
-What technologies will be used in digital advertising?
We are working on some integrations that we will unveil in stages after the launch. Some are conventional and others with a high degree of technical innovation and usability. I would prefer not to advance anything specific, but we will go in constant evolution in every way.
We have a basic philosophy of continuous improvement and permanent development. That pushes us to generate new things always and in parallel to improve what we already have in a very determined way. We are restless by nature.