Pay TV subscribers in Latin America to reach 88.7 million in 2022


According to Dataxis, pay TV subscriber base in Latin America will reach 73.7 million at the end of 2017, which represents a rise of 3.4% compared to 2016. Dataxis forecasts that, by 2022 that figure will increase to 88.7 million.

The pay TV market in Latin America still shows room for further growth but expectations for the medium term are moderate. Two main elements affect the regional numbers, for instance Brazil used to be the largest market and the main source of growth, however, since the end of 2014, its evolution has been frozen. Secondly, in the larger markets, the challenge is to reduce the barrier of entry to reach new level of penetration. In 2017, legal Pay-TV was available in 41% of households.


Mexico became the main Latin American market in terms of subscriber volume and Dataxis predicts that it will maintain this position until 2022, followed by Brazil and Argentina. On the other hand, Argentina has the highest penetration of legal Pay TV followed by Mexico and Chile.