Pakistan´s PTCL launches new OTT streaming site

Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL) has launched a new website which is similar to their IPTV service that possess number of movies and TV shows. This entertainment portal has been launched by PTCL to users of any broadband service. The paid contents in the website can be accessed through registration. Other features in the site includes important events in the country, fashion news, horoscope, sports, books, general news and culinary.

PTCL has introduced IPTV service smart TV, Jadoo Plus that offers TV streaming over IPTV. The smart TV Jadoo Plus service consists of 125 channels and library of video content and free movies. The service will also provide App store facility through which customers will be able to access internet applications on their TV sets.

PTCL has recently launched smart TV application for EVO customers to access digital TV services on their PCs, laptops and smartphones. PTCL´s smart TV PC application allows customers to be interactive and to have more control on their TV services.