Pakistan´s PTCL introduces standalone smart TV package

Pakistan Telecommunications Company (PTCL) has introduced smart TV package with options to either opt along with their broadband package or as a standalone service. PTCL customers can experience interactive TV service for USD 4.61 per month. Until now this is available only for new PSTN customers but PTCL is working to facilitate this service to their old customers also. Broadband packages can be converted from zero and any data rate and a wired modem is given to customers with this package.PTCL is the first and only telecom provider in Pakistan offering state-of-art digital interactive TV services. It is being in use by the 730 thousand customers in Pakistan.

Smart TV also gives the option to choose high quality video contents from their library. PTCL Smart TV comes with triple-play package, being delivered over fiber-based Broadband network, which is providing Voice Telephony, Broadband Internet and Interactive Television at the same time through a single connection. Features such as time shift technology, parental lock and VOD are also a part of this smart TV services.

Naveed Saeed, PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial said, “Access and control of content in a personalized way is here to stay, and at PTCL we shall continue to offer our customers a dynamic, personal and digitally interactive television experience. Our goal is to introduce innovative technologies to customers that shall continue to empower them as the world of internet-delivered content unfolds”.