OSNs Comedy Central HD to air Ridiculousness Arabia

OSN’s Comedy Central HD brings ‘Ridiculousness Arabia’ to its viewers in the Middle East region. It is the local version of the hit show in the United States, which will begin as from April 2, this year. The new show will be available on OSN channel 207.

Mohanad Alhattab, Samantha Hamadeh and Khalid Sheriff, all three will be the hosts for the new local show. It will be in Arabic and will be exclusive to OSN.

According to a statement, “The show will use the best local talent to deliver a laugh-out-loud take on outrageous viral video content”.

The comedy clip show is an adaptation from the US one, which revolves around crazy internet videos, fronted by Rob Dyrdek. to recall, the show has attracted numerous celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kylie and Kendal Jenner. The Middle East version of the comedy show will be following the same programmes as the US, to deliver viral video content.