OSN introduces the Drone Racing League to MENA

OSN, the Dubai-based pay-TV platform will be launching the state-of-the-art global sport, Drone Racing League (DRL). Subscribers of OSN will soon be able to watch the season one of the DRL on OSN Sports Action 1HD.

This new sport is videogame-like experience where pilots wear virtual reality (VR)-style spectacles to operate the drones remotely as they speed through obstacle courses at a speed reaching up to 200km per hour with the use of videogame-type controllers. Races of the DRL are conducted in locations that include stadiums, subway tunnels, abandoned factories and other historic landmarks.

Andy Warkman, SVP, sport & sports production at OSN, revealed: “We are bringing the hugely exciting Drone Racing League to the region, at a time when interest in future sports is rapidly gaining traction and personal drone ownership is becoming more common. As we continue to broaden the breadth of diverse and in-demand offerings to customers, we’re staying abreast of new and emerging trends so that we can continue to bring the best in sport to the region”.

“DRL is incredibly excited to partner with OSN to bring the sport of the future to the region. OSN is an innovative partner who help DRL reach new audiences as we bring the world’s greatest drone races to new regions and one-of-a-kind venues around the world”, added Nicholas Horbaczewski, the CEO and founder of DRL.