Osiptel wants to ban set-top box charges

Peru’s Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel in Spanish) presented a proposal to ban the sale or rental of pay TV set-top boxes. According to the regulator, “the STBs are essential to deliver the service”.
The President of Osiptel, Rafael Muente, said that the aim is to “guarantee greater transparency and simplicity in the subscription process, while promoting appropriate conditions for greater competition in the pay TV market.”
Osiptel’s proposal also establishes that the service provides the equipment of at least one access point. Furthermore, it proposes that the payment for installation and activation can be financed by the operator for a period of six months and not up to 24 as currently, “with the aim of improving the commercial dynamics by reducing the costs of change that consumers face,” the regulator said in a statement.
Operators have spoken out against the measure, as reported by El Comercio newspaper. Joana Melgarejo, representative of DirecTV, said the company is against the project because it only focuses on the postpaid modality and decreases the opportunity for users to access the prepaid option.
“We are worried that they want to regulate practices such as the rental of set-top boxes, which are widely used,” added Javier Ríos, representative of América Móvil (Claro).