Peru bans pay TV STB charges

Peru’s Organismo Supervisor de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones (Osiptel) has approved a new rule that bans operators from charging for pay TV set-top boxes. According to the regulator, these devices are essential to access the service and are part of the operator’s network.
Osiptel established that the subscription to a pay TV service must include one STB in each hired point without users having to buy or rent them separately. Last month, the regulator had already reported that it was working on new rules to prohibit this type of practice among the pay TV operators.
In this context, the client will have to pay for the installation of additional points. Osiptel also ordered that the cost of installation must be financed by the provider over a maximum period of 6 months.
In the case of prepaid pay TV services, Osiptel stated that “the subscription will be effective when the user requests the activation of the service, in those cases, the only payment made by a user through the distribution channels of the operator will be considered as Access Fee”.
These measurements are part of the “Rules for the Provision of the Pay TV Service”, which seek to organize the prices, in the prepaid and postpaid modalities. These new rules will be valid in 60 days.
“With these new rules, we aim to guarantee both transparency and simplicity when subscribing and paying the services, improving the conditions for greater competition in the pay TV market,” said Rafael Muente Schwarz, president, Osiptel.