Oracle to help broadcasters and TV channels in Africa for their internal digital migration

    • Q. What are Oracle main activities in Africa in the media industry? Can you give us a broad overview?
    • A. I oversee the sales for digital Media Solution of Oracle in Africa and we have a special division for media which was created in 2014. Oracle has many products and storage solutions for the broadcast industry. With our software, we help broadcasters for their digital archives to optimize and have a cost-effective storage. We have different customers worldwide, for example in Africa, we are working with Econet Media, E.TV, CBS in Nigeria, broadcasters from Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia and two channels in Morocco. Globally, we are working with almost 80% of the TV channels, which are using our solution for their digital archives.

    • Q. What are Oracle’s project for Africa in the coming years? Any particular partnership or product launch in the pipeline?

    • A. Broadcasters in Africa not only have to migrate from analogue to digital in their distribution, but have to move from analogue to digital for their archives, which are generally stored as tapes. They need to move to digital so as not to lose their content, but also to use them more easily. This is essential for broadcasters who are creating new digital channels, thus they need more hours for content to be broadcasted. It is also a mandatory step to provide access to this content on other devices via internet.We witnessed a lot of interest from broadcasters to go digital and to do so, they need to have a good foundation which is the digital archives.  We are very active in Africa with the broadcasters and we helped them to adopt the proper work flow for the internal digitalisation process.

    • Q. How is Oracle dealing with its competitors in Africa?
    • A. To be honest, in Africa, Oracle does not have many competitors. The advantage that we have in regard to others is that Oracle is well established in Africa. We have various offices including South Africa, Mauritius and Nigeria and this help us to have a better positioning on the market.

    • Q. What are your thoughts about the internal digitalisation process in Africa?

    • A. The African market is still developing and the internal digitalisation has always been the last piece of the transition. We heard more about the digital migration process of each country and not much about the internal digitalisation. However, there is still a lot of work to do in Africa in terms of internal migration and we, at Oracle, are set to take all the opportunities.