Ooredoo TV reached the 100000 customers mark

Ooredoo former Qtel launched in 2016 just entered a new milestone by reaching the 100.000 customer mark. the company released a statement: ““It is a considerable milestone which reflects the brand’s continuous commitment of giving Qatari households the ultimate choice of accessing premium live tv & on demand content,”

Ooredoo has already quite an history of feats, such as launching the first 4K set-top box (STB) and 4L linear channel in Qatar. The firm has 46 live TV channels and a TV app which is available on Google play and App store.

Manar Khalifa al-Muraikhi, director of Community & Public Relations declared “Ooredoo tv’s success is about customer service excellence, because we constantly provide improved customer choice and premium viewing options, both in terms of content and picture quality. Ooredoo is a regional communications company leader precisely because we put the customer experience at the heart of our operational decision-making.  Always giving customers what they want is our formula for continued customer growth and loyalty.”

Ooredoo TV also has many premium package to offer such as BeIN, OCS and TFC.