Ooredoo to deploy a 5G network

Ooredoo announced the deployment of a 5G-ready new network with the 10th station finally installed. The new technology will also be joined by a 1ms latency only on these networks.

Ooredoo used the GPON to have enough bandwidth for this network the technology will be available by the end of 2017.

Ooredoo Qatar CEO Waleed Mohamed al-Sayed declared: “If you look at the history of our network, Ooredoo has always been a regional pioneer, ensuring that the people of Qatar enjoy the best network and fastest data experience. By creating a 5G-ready network, we believe we will be among the first operators in the world to offer incredible 5G speed and services for all our customers.”

“The rise of the ‘Internet of Things’ means that we need networks that can support billions of connected devices, as well as millions of people. Our investment in the Ooredoo Supernet means that we will be ready for this technological evolution and will offer our customers the latest solutions as they become available. Events like the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference enable us to transfer knowledge and build partnerships for the future, as we push to become the leading integrated ICT provider in Qatar,” he added.

In 2016 Ooredoo had successfully ran 5G trials and the results were spectacular in terms of latency and speed. Ooredoo is still improving Qatar mobile and Wifi connections as well as fiber on the Ooredoo Supertnet.