Ooredoo experimenting its 5G network reach in Qatar

Ooredoo has declared that customers will be able to enjoy the high speeds of 5G across Qatar’s desert as soon as commercial devices are available in Qatar.

The company stated it has positioned and started experimenting its newly upgraded 5G towers in desert areas such as Sealine and will be making trials to selected VIP customers via 5G home broadband devices.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Qatar, Waleed al-Sayed, said, “Camping is an important part of Qatar’s culture and so ensuring that our network is 5G-ready in popular areas of the desert is a priority for us. 5G will enable our customers to download movies, stream VR gaming experiences, even when surround by dunes, and most importantly give users peace of mind of that they can always stay connected when away from home.”

Since Ooredoo declared it was the first operator in the world to introduce a 5G network commercially in May, the company has launched the next-generation technology to more than 85 network towers to make sure that Qatar is at the peak of 5G developments and the 5G ecosystem.

Moreover, Ooredoo has specified that by the end of the desert camping season in 2019, a host of the most popular desert locations will be connected with 5G Home Broadband devices.
However, due to worldwide manufacturing limitations, Ooredoo’s 5G Supernet network is not yet available to smartphones; but, the operator has said it is currently working on it so that consumers and businesses across Qatar can enjoy the 5G as soon as compatible devices are made available.