The Ollie & Moon show to be aired in the Middle East

The preschool animated series, ‘The Ollie & Moon’, will now make its way across the Middle East regions. With the recent slew of presales being secured by the distribution and production companies, Federation Kids & Family and Cottonwood Media, the show will be available across more than 150 countries.

The series is all about two cats, aged six named Ollie & Moon teaching kids, through their globetrotting adventures, about customs, new food, friendship, cities and global citizenship among others.

David Michel, the producer and co-founder of Federation Kids & Family and Cottonwood Media, stated: “We are extremely proud to have achieved so many, and such significant, presales for a previously unknown TV property. Our ambition has been to create exclusively premium content; we hope that the scale of Ollie & Moon’s presales is an indication that we have accomplished this goal”.

On the other hand, Monica Levy, the senior VP of co-production and sales for Federation Kids & Family, who closed the deals, said: “It has been extraordinary to see such universal, cross-cultural interest in a series. From France to the U.S., Latin America to the Middle East, Ollie & Moon’s curiosity, humor and sweetness clearly appeals to all kids, no matter where they come from”.