Oi will invest in FTTH in 2018

The Brazilian telecommunications company Oi will expand its FTTH network and consider developing IPTV, stated its Technology Director, Pedro Falcão, according to online news website Tele.Síntese.
This Brazilian media reported that Oi’s FTTH network covers 500 thousand homes in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Dique de Caxias and Belo Horizonte. The goal is to go for new markets, to reach even more states. In the meantime, during the first half of 2018, the company plans to improve its convergent bundle Oi Total, which includes TV, telephony and broadband.
During Oi’s Technology and Innovation Forum, Falcão explained that the operator was the first big company to bring FTTH to Brazil. This happened in 2011. “But we did not expand. Today we are building this network, but the judicial recovery process (which the company has been going through since June 2016) prevents us from investing more,” he stated.