Oi grows with pay TV and surpasses Vivo

According to data from regulator Anatel, the Brazilian pay TV market registered 17.7 million active subscribers in October 2018, which represented a fall of 418,000 (-2.3%) subscribers compared to the same period last year, and of 103,000 (-0.58%) compared to September.
Among the main pay TV groups, Oi was the only company that reported growth with more than 123,000 new clients (+ 8.38%) in the last year. Thus, it reached a total base of 1.6 million subscribers (9.03% market share) and became the third largest group in the market, surpassing Vivo (Telefónica), which registered 1.59 million (8,99% participation).
The market leader, Claro/NET (América Móvil), registered 8.76 million customers (Cable operator NET had 7.1 million subscribers in October and the DTH service Claro TV 1.6 million), while SKY (AT&T) remains in the second position with 5.2 million clients in October.
In the last 12 months, Claro/NET lost 427,000 subscribers (-4.65%), Vivo lost 18,000 clients (-1.12%) and SKY nearly 9,000 (-0.17%).