Nigeria represents StarTimes largest market in Africa

Guo Ziqi, the Vice President of Startimes television broadcasting industry revealed that Nigeria is Startimes largest market in Africa.  Ziqi declared that Startimes has 480 channels on the platform, with four main groups of different channels. The first group being the local African channels, the second group consists of the well-known international channels, the third group is the mainstream Chinese channels, and the fourth being the Startimes in house channels.

“We can say that Startimes is very influential since it came into the African market in 2007. Within 10 years Startimes has become the most influential company with the fastest development scheme, and over 10 billion subscribers,” stated Guo Ziqi.

To recall, Startimes was founded in 1988, and by the year 2000 the company rapidly expanded globally with its first African company established in Rwanda by the year 2008. Startimes programmes are broadcasted in over 10 languages to include Hausa, Yoruba, Swahili, Portuguese, French and English among others.