NexTV Series South America discussed about the changes in TV consumption

During the first day of NexTV Series South America, executives from Turner, Leader Entertainment, Movile and GoMusic discussed about their strategies to attract millennials.

According to Leonardo Lopez Larraquy, Business Development Latam at Movile, creator of the children’s app PlayKids, “those who finally buy the content are the parents, who look for a quality environment, in an educational context, and are attentive to the cost-benefits of what they are paying. “

Pablo Lacroix, digital director of Leader Entertainment, said that they detected a growth in the use of smart TVs. “Kids viewing time is longer on this type of device.”

Hernán Portugal, CEO of the OTT platform GoMusic, said  “the first segment of millennials is already changing their consumption habits. Consumption on smart tvs is growing and offers higher quality. GoMusic’s business, which offers long-lasting content, wants that metric to keep growing and that subscribers use different mobile tools and watch the content on smart TVs”.

Román Guasch, Sr. Director, Business Development at Turner, underlined the importance of offering quality content and understanding the nature of each platform (YouTube, Facebook, Intagram, etc). “The better content you have, you can improve the distribution of content.”


Guasch also said that “children are great influencers” but it is parents who decide what content to acquire. He also referred to the development of a new gaming platform, which represents one of the company’s new projects.

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