New OTT service launches in Puerto Rico

The new OTT pay TV service Naicom TV has recently launched in Puerto Rico. It is available through a set-top box, which costs USD 129.90. This is “the first 100% Puerto Rican pay TV company,” in the country, said the president of Naicom, Darwin Quiñones, in an interview with El Nuevo Día.
Naicom offers live TV channels, in addition to a VOD library. The offer includes three plans. The so-called “Vital” Package, for USD 29.99, brings 60 channels in Spanish. The “Reaction” package, for USD 59.99, includes the Vital offer and adds another 75 channels, while the “Unlimited” package, for USD 99.99, adds another 15 channels.
Quiñones said that Naicom has local servers and it has reached agreements with the main Internet providers. “Instead of going to the United States and returning as Netflix and all the others do, our servers are here in Puerto Rico and interconnected with Claro and Liberty,” he said. The executive also mentioned that plans to launch the service in the United States during 2018.