New CAF boss comes back on Lagardère deal

Since Mars 16th 2017 Ahmad has become president of the CAF, which marks a change of tide for the sport in Africa. With this election, the 29 years’ reign of Issa Hayatou ends, the man who struck the deal with French media group Lagardère.

The facts are as followed: June 2015 CAF agreed upon the selling of TV right for AFCON and Champions League games to Lagardère. The controversy comes mainly from the length of the contract from 2017 to 2028. This long-time period alarmed the new president who declared: “We will investigate but I am concerned about the length of the contract. I would never sign anything for longer than three years”.

Length is not the only issue here, controversy has risen on the total amount of wealth at stake. The deal has been estimated around 1 billion dollars but reports have shown that the contract might be worth 10 times more than the previous one.

The controversy does not stop here, the ECA (Egyptian Competition Authority) claims that former president Issa Hayatou “abused his position in regard to the issuance of broadcasting rights for football championships”, ECA is accusing CAF of not calling for bids thus not giving opportunity for others to bid.

CEO of Lagardere Sports Andrew Georgiou has defended the group against those accusation by stating that they were unfounded by declaring: “We are sure of our position and justice will be served on time”.