Netflix to introduce new low bandwidth technology for India

Netflix the American OTT giant implement a new technology to improve video delivery in India, with new video codecs. The main challenge in developing countries for OTT player is the limitation of the bandwidth, the firm is planning on introducing a new system which will work with slow internet connection such as 100 kpbs without quality lost.

This new technology will allow consumer to stream up to 30 GB of video content while still remaining under the 2GB data limit. The creation of this innovation is due to the company’s association with numerous university such as University of Austin in Texas, University of Nantes in France and University of Southern California.

Ken Florance, Netflix VP of content declared: “We don’t charge anybody for the servers. So if you’re an ISP and you want an open connect server or a dozen of them or 100 of them in your network, we give them to you for free because it’s a real benefit to us.” Talking about the other area on which Netflix is currently working on, the Open Connect Servers to once again reinforce video quality.

The Company also introduced the personalisation match system which show how likely you are to like certain shows. CEO Reed Hastings declared. “The most important work we do is around personalisation. If you take 50 people in US or 50 people in India, their tastes are hugely varied. So the value of personalisation is that the consumer can get a great experience where the hundreds and the thousands of titles that we’re producing gets filtered down and prioritized, so you get to focus on the titles that you want.”