Netflix rolls out new Ultra package in South Africa

Netflix South Africa is providing users a new “Ultra” package. The packages were Basic, Standard, Premium, and Ultra. Previously, only the first three packages were available in South Africa.

The packages were priced as follows; basic package for 6.86 USD (R99) per month, standard package for 9.63 USD (R139) per month, premium package for 11.71 USD (R169) per month and Ultra package for 16.55 USD (R239) per month

The Ultra package is the only one which supports “highest quality audio”. Furthermore, the Ultra package has the same features as the Premium option, including UHD streaming and support for four screens at once.

Netflix stated, “We rely on testing to help us better understand interest level around certain types of features or price points on Netflix. In this case, those who selected the Ultra plan will have access to enhanced audio capabilities that deliver more crisp, better quality sound on supported devices. Our goal is to learn and understand how much members value audio quality on Netflix.”

Netflix further declared that most new TVs, streaming sticks, and gaming consoles with 5.1 audio capabilities will be supported.

Subscribers who sign up for the Ultra plan will also be able to keep the enhanced audio capabilities beyond the test.