Netflix reports record subscriber growth in Q416

Netflix added 7.04 million members globally in the fourth quarter of 2016, beating the company’s forecast of 5.20 million. Netflix said this was the largest quarter of net additions in its history. The streaming giant ended 2016 with 93.8 million members (including free accounts). If only paid accounts are considered, Netflix added 5.81 million and reached a total base of 89.09 million.

The company added 5.12 million international members in Q4 (4.38 million were paid accounts). This way, over 47% of Netflix’s members are outside of the US. The OTT ended 2016 with 44.36 million international users, of which 41.18 million were paid accounts.

Netflix does not discriminate the number of members in Latin America, where Brazil and Mexico are its main markets. Nevertheless, the company highlighted the good performance in the region of its Brazilian original series, 3%. Moreover, Netflix said “millions of US members have watched the show dubbed and subtitled into English, making 3% the first Portuguese language television show to travel meaningfully beyond Latin America and Portugal”.

Overall, Netflix posted revenue of $2.48 billion (+35.9% YoY) for Q4 2016, with net income of $66.7 million (15 cents per share).