Netflix India to stream Anime shows


Netflix India is actively streaming some of the most popular anime shows for fans a.k.a. “otaku”. Viewers in India are not unfamiliar with anime series as they have been watching some of the highly anticipated ones like “Dragon Ball Z,” “Cardcaptor Sakura,” and “Pokémon” for years.


Launched in India in January 2016, Netflix has been providing streaming services very similar to its U.S. counterpart. For the platform’s subscribers who are looking forward to watch their favourite anime shows, here are some of the must-watch series they can stream on it.


Besides these series, Netflix is all set to stream its original anime series, too, named “Perfect Bones.” The streaming service is producing the anime in collaboration with the studio behind “Ghost in the Shell.” With all the recent developments, it won’t be a surprise if anime emerges as the next genre for binge-watchers soon.