Netflix Egypt bringing in new shows for binge-watching

The world’s leading internet entertainment service has grown popular within the past few years in the Middle East and has been in the Egyptian market for over two years, to expand its viewership among audiences it plans to tailor special shows for Egyptians in 2018. The Netflix team visited Egypt last week where they discussed new trends and plans in Egypt as part of their announced plan to spend $8 billion in Netflix programming and intent to invest more in providing Arabic content. 

“When we see how people are really excited about Netflix, this is what pushes us to develop more in terms of the business plan of this market where we buy content, sign more contracts with partners and initiate other deals which is our approach here in Egypt,” Leyla Guilany-Lyard, MENA Netflix spokesperson told Egypt Today during an interview at the press conference. 

The most popular shows that have struck a chord with Egyptian audiences’ hearts and minds include the British series “The Crown’” “Santa Clarita Diet”, the cocaine trade drama “Narcos”, “Mindhunter”, and “Stranger Things”. Guilany-Lyard has previously stated in a press release that Egypt’s long and rich heritage of film is a plausible reason for Egyptian audiences being open to entertainment crossing their borders. 

“We are working actively in this market to find more Arabic content that will be available for all Arabic-speaking people around the world not only Egypt. For example we have previously signed for a comedy show by Adel Karam that will stream in early 2018 when we found out the Arabs love stand up comedies. The show is also accessible all around the world as we plan to bring in more licenses content in 2018,” she elaborated. 

More originals will be in store for 2018 including the highly-anticipated new film release “Bright” by Will Smith which will premiere exclusively on Netflix on December 22. When asked about the impact of such exclusiveness on the film industry and traditions of going to the cinema in the future, Guilany-Lyard explained to Egypt Today that being in a parallel line with cinemas will encourage the big names of Hollywood to see the power of Netflix and its availability of content worldwide at the same time.