Netflix adds fewer subscribers than expected in Q2

Netflix added 5.2 million new members in the second quarter, one million less than expected by the company. “We had a strong but not stellar Q2,” the streaming giant said in its quarterly report. The total base reached 130.1 million members (including courtesy accounts).
In the United States, Netflix added 670,000 members and reached 57.4 million (55.9 million paid accounts). Internationally it added 4.5 million members reaching 72.8 million (68.4 million paid accounts).
For Q3, the company forecasts global net adds of 5 million (compared with 5.3 million in Q317), with 650,000 and 4.35 million in the US and international segment, respectively.
In the streaming business, Netfix reported total revenues of USD 3,814 million (+42.8% YoY) in the second quarter, of which USD 1,893 million belong to the US market.
“Internet video is growing globally and we are fortunate to be one of the leaders,” said the company and highlighted the 112 Emmy nominations, which allowed it to beat HBO (108 nominations) for the first time.