Net TV to launch on DTT in Argentina

Argentina’s new channel Net TV, which belongs to Perfil Network, will start broadcasting trials on June 1 and will be officially launched in August on the DTT platform, the company reported through its newspaper. Recently, the president and CEO of Perfil Network, Jorge Fontevecchia, unveiled details of the project in a meeting with President Mauricio Macri.
For this project, the company will invest USD 30 million in its initial phase and another USD 20 million in a second phase. The digital business of Net TV is in charge of Cristian Hernández, who participated in NexTV Series Argentina and already shared some details of the strategy in an interview with NexTV News Latam.
According to Fontevecchia, Net TV will be produced by Kuarzo, former Endemol Argentina. Meanwhile, the channel held a contest to choose its logo. The winner will be announced on Saturday May 26, that same its website will be operational. In addition to Net TV, a radio station will be launched in September, and a second television channel by the end of the year.