Nepal’s MSO Subisu moves to IP and multiscreen

Subisu Cablenet, the largest MSO in Nepal, is deploying a new hybrid DVB-C/IPTV multiscreen solution with Android 4 STBs provided by Spanish supplier Safeview. Subisu is currently migrating its HFC network to FTTH starting from the headend at Baluwatar, Kathmandu, and spanning all major locations in the Kathmandu valley.

Safeview’s solution was launched one year ago and provides either IPTV or OTT services – depending on operator strategy – using its own CAS, Microsoft’s Playready DRM and Android STBs – which can be provided by Safeview or third party suppliers. The solution enables new revenue models, including addressable advertising and coupon program management to build alliances with local retailers and stores. Personalized coupons can be charged via an OTT app in mobile phones.

The number of pay-TV subscribers in Nepal is estimated at around 1.5 million with Subisu and DTH provider, DishHome, the market leaders with more than 200,000 subscribers each. Subisu started operations as Doshan Traders – involved in the promotion of Chinese goods in Nepal – and was renamed Subisu in January, 1998, when it started representing foreign companies moving to exploit business opportunities in Nepal across the telecom, power, water supply and commodity sectors. Subisu CableNet launched its cable-TV services in Kathmandu in 2000, and started providing Internet services in August, 2004.