Nepal´s cable MSO, Subisu reaches 250,000 subscribers

Nepal´s cable MSO, Subisu Cablenet currently has 250,000 individual subscribers. The MSO has close to 10 franchisees working under them on a subscription based model. Subisu earns revenue of USD 5,882 per month from the subscription fee. The company is still in negotiation phase and is yet to finalize their STB and CAS partners. The firm has plans to launch digital cable TV services within 2013 and will be including additional services such as OTT by the first quarter of 2014.

Sudhir Parajuli, CEO of Subisu Cablenet states that the MSO will be offering digital TV with 100+ channels at a monthly subscription fee of USD 5.4 for new users. Subisu´s Internet subscribers are offered cable services with an additional fee of USD 1.1.

Subisu Cablenet which was established in the year 1999 provides internet and cable TV services in Nepal. The company offers both FTA and pay channels targeting on viewers in Kathmandu. The company plans to extend their cable services to regions apart from Kathmandu by 2015. Their cable TV and cable modem solutions are provided through HFC network terminating at customer end with co-axial cable. Other key MSOs in the country include Blue Himalayan, BC cable, Cable Technology, CEC Cablenet, Chitrawan cable, DigiPlus and Sky Cable.