Musical drama Bhairavi to be exclusively aired on Muvizz

The musical drama film, ‘Bhairavi’, has been launched on uniquely. Due to post-production issues, the film could not be released after being shot in the year 2008. The main protagonists include Sandeep Kulkarni, Priya Gill, Deepak Qazir, Subrat Dutta and Shabnam Vadhera.

The story tells the life of a passionate sitar player named Bhairavi. Her guru and father fixes her wedding with his favourite and ambitious student named Shubhankar. The couple faces a lot of problems after the marriage and they finally split apart where Bhairavi finally shuts herself from the world.

According to Suhail Tatari, the director of the film, said: “‘Bhairavi` has taken me into a world of Indian classical music. It had taken us almost a fortnight to finalise the script. But for several years, the papers lay in my files. One of the major challenges was the music. I was trying to learn the nuances of music from musicians and the music director”.

Piiyush Singh, the co-founder of, on the other hand said: “We at muvizz have always strived to curate and bring limelight to various classic and independent films. ‘Bhairavi’ is a perfect example of the kind of cinema we represent on our platform. We are very much proud and glad that our viewers will now get to witness a never seen before film like ‘Bhairavi’ and all it has to offer”.