MultiChoice PayTV exorbitant fee criticised in Nigeria

The price for technology innovation is not to the great pleasure of Nigerian subscribers. On top of the price of Pay TV services, they also deplore that there is no value for money in the service they are getting. ‘Pay as you go’ billing system proposed amongst solutions.


They are dissatisfied. Subscribers are arguing whether it is possible or not that Nigeria copies the payment flexibility practised by other Pay TV operators who give their customers options to ‘pay as you go’ or elect to buy monthly subscription.


They are accusing the Nigerian Pay TV operators to be cheaters since due to poor power supply and lingering fuel scarcity in Nigeria, they cannot fully utilise the benefits of the monthly subscription. Subscribers are calling on the operators to introduce the pay as you use billing system or allow subscribers to subscribe to only their favourite channels.


However, Managing Director of Multichoice Nigeria, John Ugbe said pay as you go is not a TV model. “It is a communication model because you can start and stop the conversation. But if you are watching an EPL game and you stop at the 30th minute, what do you do? Do you pay for the game or do you not? So, you see, it is not a TV content model. There is a lot of confusion about it in the market”.


He also warned that “pay per view is materially more expensive for the person who wants to watch only that piece of content, than binding all the content together and spreading over the time market. It is just a mathematical calculation; it is not that complicated”.


Nonetheless, President of Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria, CAFON, Sola Salako, believes consumers have the right to demand for a choice in the billing system.