Multi Screen Media plans to launch HD feed of Sony Max

Multi Screen Media (MSM) is rolling out a high definition version of Sony Max.

The media conglomerate said that it is waiting for BARC’s rural data before introducing the HD version of its Hindi movie channel.

“I am ready with it. As soon as we see the right environment, we will go into it,” said Neeraj Vyas, MSM senior EVP & business head Max & Max2, reports Television Post. “We will wait for the rural ratings and then we will think of launching new channels. Launching is easy, but running it is the big challenge. For Max HD, you don’t need to wait for rural ratings,” he noted.

According to Vyas, the company is currently completing paperwork to kick-start the launch of Sony Max HD.

Max2, which is MSM’s another movie property, recently completed a year. The channel, according to Vyas, caters to an older target audience with content that is mostly focussed on female viewers.