Minister summons DSO stakeholders to dig deeper into content analysis in Nigeria

The minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has tasked stakeholders in the Digital Switch Over (DSO) to carry out a detailed research to understanding consumers’ preferred content and means of delivering it.

Mohammed who tasked the DSO stakeholders in Lagos yesterday on content delivery, at the opening of the Creative Nigeria Summit 2018 with the theme, “Content: The Future of Nigerian Film and Television in A Digital Era” said a detailed research will aid the growing influence of the internet in sharing videos. The minister decried that the stakeholders within the ecosystem of the DSO project are unfortunately focused on their immediate economic returns and convenient modules of implementation.

The minister said a research carried out on the 24 million TV households in Nigeria revealed that the Digitisation of Television required a much deeper understanding of Customers, Content and the quality of delivery of ‘Video’, however they are delivered, including but not limited to Television.

The Minister said, “with respect to content consumers in Nigeria, a well-researched survey of what the customers want, where they are, what they watch, want to watch, when and how they want it delivered, does not exist. But technological growth does not flow along those lines and in the near future, smart media entities will outstrip all plans, institutions and government power and reach the customer, leaving non-informed players with empty castles.”

He said everywhere in the world, video has exploded via on Demand and Live streaming, and that Online TV or subscription services are now the norm – YouTube, Netflix, Iroko etc. He agrees that video is the future of media on the web and that there is a huge potential for Africa regarding this