Microsoft preparing Movies & TV app for iOS and Android: report

Microsoft is working to bring its Movies & TV app to iOS and Android devices, according to Windows Central, which cites sources familiar with the matter. Currently, the service is only available on Windows-based platforms.
In October last year, corporate VP for Windows, Joe Belfiore, said that Windows 10 was no longer the company’s focus and states that as an individual end-user, he has switched to Android. In this way, the new strategy would go in this direction.
According to sources of Windows Central, Microsoft is building these apps to give consumers more of a reason to buy content in the Microsoft Store. While most users have moved over to streaming services like Netflix, there is still content that is not available to stream. Microsoft has a huge store that many people ignore or do not know about because there is no mobile app for their phone.
The report also said that Microsoft will announced that it’s joining the Movies Anywhere program soon, which allows the users to watch content purchased from different supported digital stores.