Mexico maintains ban on Roku sales


Mexico’s Federal Judiciary maintained the ban on Roku devices sales in the country, the Institute of Telecommunications Law (IDET in Spanish) reported. Last week, federal judges in Mexico City and Torreón denied the legal actions promoted to revoke the decision.
In this way, the suspension ordered by the 38th Civil Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City is maintained. The ban on the import, marketing and distribution of Roku in Mexico remains in force, as the devices can be used as an instrument “to violate the honest uses of commerce and the Federal Copyright Law”, IDET reported in a statement.
In 2017, Cablevisión (Televisa) filed a civil lawsuit against several individuals and companies Latamel Distribuidora and Compropago, alleging that Roku equipment allowed access to illegal content. In May of that year, the 38th Civil Judge of Mexico City (CDMX) issued a precautionary measure banning the import and sale of the device in the country.
According to IDET, the measures have been tried to be revoked since 2017 by Roku, Latamel Distribuidora, as well as by retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Liverpool, Best Buy, Office Depot, among others, and online stores such as Amazon, Mercado Libre and De Remate, looking to put devices back on sale. However, the legal efforts have been denied in District Courts and Courts of the CDMX, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Veracruz.