FilminLatino streaming service to shut down

The Mexican Cinematography Institute (Imcine) announced that the OTT service FilminLatino will shut down on January 1. Through her Twitter account, María Novaro, Imcine director, said that it is “a well-founded and necessary decision to be able to promote Mexican cinema in a more comprehensive, inclusive and effective way”.
Given this situation, Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro offered help and asked Novaro to enter into a dialogue in order to prevent the platform from disappearing. According to the filmmaker, “many people without access to film libraries find in this a window to the cinema”. “For me it is interesting as an instrument that can work outside capital cities,” he added on Twitter.
In turn, filmmaker Arturo Ripstein also expressed his opposition. “The shutdown or possible shutdown of FilminLatino is a very hard blow to independent and peripheral movies and filmmakers,” he said, according to the Aristegui Noticias site. Ripstein’s filmography is one of the most- watched on the service.
FilminLatino was launched in July 2015 through a partnership between Imcine and the Spanish OTT platform Filmin. The goal was to create a space to show films from Mexico and Latin America, among other titles. According to the 2017 Mexican Film Statistics Yearbook, FilminLatino offered more than 1,600 titles that year, with more than 63,000 registered users and around 1.5 million visits.