METV brings ILTV in Israel

The Middle East Television (METV), the Christian-based satellite network in Cyprus, has signed a deal with ILTV which will result in the transmission of ‘Israel Daily’ five times during the week, from Sunday to Thursday. The Newscast lasts for 30 minute and will be available on HOT channel 150 and YES channel 109.

Alongside the newscast, other ILTV programs will be on offer which includes ‘One on One’, ‘Israeli Weekly-Inside the Issues’ and other travel, cooking and fashion shows.

Jess Dolgin, CEO of J Media Global (company which produces ILTV), commented: “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Middle East TV (METV) to bring ILTV programming to the Middle East in general and to Israel in particular”.

He further added: “Our ILTV division produces news and programing aimed at providing English speakers around the world with a fresh, honest, and true perspective about Israel. A perspective that they might not receive from the, often skewed, mainstream English language media. If we are going to affect how the world perceives Israel in the news, we need to provide them with an alternative, true narrative about Israel. That is ILTV’s goal”.

On the other hand, Ronen Lefler, the manager at ILTV, said: “This opens up the massive local TV market for ILTV. Until now local viewers could only view ILTV via internet but now they can watch on local TV. There are an estimated 250,000 native English speakers in Israel, and ILTV is confident that a sizable local audience will tune in nightly because they prefer to watch the news in English and they can now do so more conveniently”.