Megacable’s Xview reaches 87,000 subscribers in Mexico


Megacable CEO Enrique Yamuni spoke to NexTV News Latam about the strategy and next steps of Xview, the company’s next-generation multi-screen service with linear TV and On Demand content that has already reached 87,000 subscribers.

– What opportunities did you see in the market when launching Xview?

Megacable recognizes that content consumption habits are changing, now our subscribers want to have control of what they watch, where they watch it and at what time, aware of those changes Megacable launches Xview, the new multiplatform video service that allows the subscribers to have an interactive service, both in their STB and devices.

-Is the access via set-top box optional or do all Xview clients receive a box?

All clients have an interactive STB (QAM-IP hybrid) to access Xview, we are not marketing the service as a standalone OTT. The cost is MX$ 50 (USD 2.8) additional to their current monthly payment.

-How many subscribers does Xview have and what are the growth expectations?

The service was launched on June 14 and since then we have reached 87,000 subscribers of the Xview service, including new customers and current customers who have upgraded to this service. Our expectation is to reach 500,000 Xview subscribers in 12 months.

– Are you planning to integrate OTT services?

In a first stage, we will integrate the contents of the main programmers directly into our UI through Toolbox Unity solution. In a second stage, we see the integration of the Apps directly into the STB. We are evaluating the convenience of also integrating Netflix. Technically, it is possible.

-Who are the technology partners for Xview?

The platform is provided by Huawei, the CAS is Verimatrix, with Zenterio we are working the MW and UI and the codecs are provided by Harmonics. We are also working with Think Analitics for the searches and recommendations and with Toolbox to integrate the contents of programmers within our STB. Technicolor, Skyworth and Huawei are our STB suppliers.

– Does the XView app run on Chromecast / Apple TV / Roku streaming services?

Currently, it does not run on these services but our roadmap includes the integration with these services.

-Will it be available on SmarTVs?

Yes, it is also included in our roadmap the integration of the App on most popular Smart TVs.

-Mexican pay TV market is growing and is consolidated. Considering that Megacable is the leading independent operator: What is your vision of the industry in this context?

The industry, obviously, has been consolidating. However, we see that we can still capture great opportunities, internet and pay TV penetrations are still low and should continue to grow, revenues must rise. We have, as companies and as an industry, great challenges but at the same time, I repeat, great opportunities, both in the mass residential market and in the business market.