Mega leads with its multiplatform strategy


Cristian Hernández, Executive producer of digital media at Mega, explained in an interview during the course of NexTV Series South America the multiplatform strategy of the Chilean TV broadcaster, which is the leader of the free-to-air market in the country.

-What platforms does Mega work with?

We have a multiplatform development. We have segmented into three major areas; the first one is our web – – and our network of sites: one of them dedicated to women – – and another one dedicated to men – – We also have some other associated means that have their web platforms.

The second area includes social media, we are actively participating in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, with a different content development, this is not ‘copy and paste’, you have to understand the users’ behavior.

The third area of work that is quite relevant to us is the internal digitization. We have to get out of the discourse of being a multiplatform content factory and become a real multiplatform content factory. In the design thinking, the content has to be digitally integrated. It does not exist to create content that is only for the TV.

-What are the advantages of each platform?

In the case of and the websites, we are looking for the user to find an experience, to absorb a digital experience, which is not a ‘desktop’, it is ‘multiplatform’, so the idea is that you are watching a TV show with a cell phone in hand and accessing important vertical content.

The audience who watch our Prime Time show, which is called “Perdona nuestros pecados”, is not necessarily the same audience that watch the reality “Doble tentación”. So, what about that audience that was watching the TV show, we let them go? What we want is that you take your phone or laptop and continue living the experience. If we show you the advance of the next episode that lasts 45 seconds, on the website you can see a three-minute advance.

In social media is a similar strategy, we accompany the conversation because we understand that the contents we make generate conversation, we must guide that conversation. Most twitter trending topics, for example, are associated with television, that´s not a coincidence. It makes me laugh when people tell us that social networks are the most important thing, I cannot understand. If social networks did not have television channels to generate topics of conversation to people: what would they talk about? Probably about trivial issues.

 -What is the performance of the site

In we have about 8.9 million unique visitors per month, approximately 150 million page views, which is a lot for the Chilean market. We are about 18 million people in the country, and internet penetration is around 10 million people. Having almost 9 million unique visitors, we have almost the whole market. is the only entertainment site, not only in Latin America but throughout America, which is #1 in the country without being a news site. In all countries, the number one media is always a news site. That’s why we are the anomaly of ComScore, because the other nine on the list are news sites, including our own news site, which is also within the top 10. However, the most important thing is the number of views, and the time of permanence.