Local content with global appeal to be created by Saudi Format Lab


Dubai-based content developer, producer and distributor, Arab format lab, has launched the Saudi Format lab – an alliance between nine Saudi Arabia-based startup media companies specialised in content creation and audiovisual production services.

Khulud Abu Homos, CEO of Arab Format Lab said, “We are teaming up with like-minded Saudi entrepreneurs to create local content with global appeal. Our mission is to create local Saudi content with positive social messages on an international level.”

Khulud added, “The Saudi Format Lab is an aggregation of the nine best Saudi start-up media companies and professional young talents in Riyadh and Jeddah under one umbrella that covers key sectors of content development and audiovisual production. Our focus is on creating Saudi and Gulf-based content around women and youth.”

Previously, Khulud had stated that demand for high quality Arabic content in the region has increased by almost 40% between 2011-2016, while western drama’s share of viewing decreased by an average of 55%, creating opportunities for regional producers to dominate the airwaves and secure their share of the market.