Kuarzo Entertainment launches TV channel in Argentina

Production company Kuarzo Entertainment will launch a TV channel in Argentina, which will be available from Monday, May 22 in Cablevisión, the country’s main MSO.

Its programming will initially include new shows and the replay of programs already produced by the company. The channel will be available on frequencies 30 and 350. In the morning slot, from 7 to 10, it will air “Y ahora quién podrá ayudarnos “, the radio show broadcasted by Radio con Vos, the station owned by Kuarzo Endemol. In prime time, the channel will offer the new show “Vino para vos”, which will have four guests related to the relevant topics of the day.

Kuarzo Entertainment is responsible for formats like”Cortá por Lozano”, “Cuestión de Peso”, “Polémica en el bar” and “Despedida de Soltero”, among others.

The production company is led by Martín Kweller. In September last year, the executive bought all of the shares of Endemol Argentina and after that changed the name of the company to Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina.