Korea Telecommunication Rwanda Networks introduces new 4G internet prices in Rwanda

Korea Telecommunications Rwanda Networks (KTRN), the national wholesale supplier of 4G Internet access has further lowered prices. From the existing 22 Internet service providers (ISPs) operating in the retail market, consumers will now be able to purchase 1 gigabyte of data at an even lower price. During the press conference organized to unveil this commercial action, Han Sung Yoon the CEO of KTRN, called the 22 ISPs on the national Internet market, to respect these new tariffs.

He explained that the purpose of lowering prices is to enable all Rwandans to access broadband. In addition to making it easier for people to access the 4G Internet, KTRN has not only lowered rates, it also says it has extended its network coverage in line with government requirements.

Han Sung Yoon declared, “President Paul Kagame has asked us to ensure that our services reach everyone, not just urban areas. Today, we have fulfilled our commitment. We are everywhere in Rwanda.’’

4G internet users will now be able to buy 1 gigabyte for as low as 1.13 USD (Rwf1000) per day and 3.39 USD (Rwf3000) per month from the 22 existing Internet Service Providers (ISP) who retail 4G internet.

The new tariff cut by KTRN is the third of its kind, carried out by the company in four years. The first occurred on February 11, 2015, while 4G covered only 26% of the population. The second price reduction came in June 2016, when the 4G coverage rate reached 62%. This third drop in prices comes as the country’s coverage rate with 4G is 95%. KTRN officials said that Rwanda is planning on shifting to 5G internet which could be introduced by the end of 2019.