Kodi speaks out against TVAddons and piracy

Through a post on Twitter, Kodi has spoken out against online add-on repository TVAddons. The media player said TVAddons should be “shut down” because “it brings nothing but misery to everyone”.

Kodi is an open source software that can work on a number of devices and can be used to illegally access copyrighted content with the aid of addons created by third-party developers. TVAddons responded quickly, tweeting that whoever was in charge of Kodi’s social media account “is definitely not in touch with your userbase”. Then, the discussion continued involving other users.

According to British online newspaper The Independent, Kodi said t doesn’t want to “police” its own software, but has also repeatedly stressed that it does not condone piracy.

In June this year, TVAddons disappeared from the web and came back almost two months later. The site is facing lawsuits in Canada and the United States. A few days ago, TVAddons received support from Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who warn against “abusive lawsuits” targeting neutral add-on distributors.