Keshet & Ananey partner for kids and teens series in India

Keshet International, the worldwide content production and distribution company has partnered with Ananey Communications Group to introduce teens and kids’ series in the Indian market.

Ananey, being the one representing Viacom brands like Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., MTV and Comedy Central in Israel, the company also has its subsidiary in the name of Nutz Productions. The production house has treated its audience with ‘The Greenhouse’, which is an English language version of ‘Greenhouse Academy’.

Keshet International will be holding worldwide second-window distribution rights. Following this partnership, the two companies will be introducing a number of series which include ‘The Hood’, ‘Spell Keepers’ and ‘Bed & Biscuits’.

Alon Shtruzman, the CEO of Keshet International, said: “We are incredibly fortunate and honored to be partnering with one of the most reputable and outstanding providers of kids’ content in the business. We look forward to doing great things together in the future, as KI expands and diversifies into the business of kid’s distribution and production”.

Orly Atlas-Katz, the Co-CEO of Ananey Communications Group, commented: “We are thrilled to be partnering with KI and together raising further global exposure and awareness in the international market to our award winning kids and teens content”.