KCCL calls for action on STBs

Kerala Communicators Cable Ltd (KCCL), an initiative of cable TV operators in Kerala under the umbrella of the Cable Operator Association (COA), has issued a number of proposals following its 9th State Conference held February 11-13 including the abolition of import duties and taxes on Set Top Boxes (STBs) and associated goods during the digitalization process.

The meeting of 300 selected delegates from COA also called for an end to all proceedings to ban local channels carried by Last Mile Operators (LMOs), and a reduction in charges for the use of Electricity polls to transmit cable-TV signals from one location to another. The COA called on the Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) to hold a sitting in South India to address problems specific to the area.

Sri Aboobacker Sidhique, chairman of KCCL, presented plans to achieve 100% digitalisation in the timeframe stipulated by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and urged COA members to give full co-operation in achieving the target.