Jordan Media City partners Erstream for OTT service

Jordan Media City (JMC), the private media company based in Jordan, is collaborating with Erstream, the internet video technology and content delivery network for the future launch of its over-the-top (OTT) video service.

With this new development, customers of JMC will be offered live streaming of linear channels, video-on-demand (VOD), reverse EPT and restart TV, catch-up TV, nDVR playback, subtitles and audio support, and an app for iOS and Android mobile devices, smart TVs and set-top boxes. A complete broadcast cycle from satellite will be available to the various devices and online viewers.

Ugur Kalaba, CEO, Erstream, is optimistic: “We are happy to joint venture with Jordan Media City in delivering valuable content with high protection needs and high concurrencies. This partnership further strengthens our presence in the Middle East region allowing us to lower operational costs thus enabling JMC to offer maximum service quality at competitive prices”.

On the other hand, Radi Alkhas, the CEO of Jordan Media City, revealed: “We serve as a global satellite and fibre content distribution service provider and offer uplink to satellites covering the Arab World, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa; downlink and turnaround services; playout of television content services; satellite news gathering (SNG), and sports and other feed services”.

“We partnered with Erstream as we continue to diversify our service offerings to take advantage of the rapidly growing demand and exploding audience for OTT content. We believe our joint operations will allow us to gain valuable know-how in online streaming solutions and CDN technologies while enabling our customers expand their businesses with minimized costs and enhanced features”, he further added.


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