John Jairo Ocampo, Manager of RTVC: “We are planning the production of original content for RTVCPlay in association with Señal Colombia”

RTVC Manager, John Jairo Ocampo, spoke exclusively to NexTV News Latam about RTVCPlay, the OTT platform launched in late July with content from the channels and radios of the Public Media System – Señal Colombia, Canal Institucional, Radiónica, Radio Nacional de Colombia and the project Señal Memoria.


-How many average users visit the platform?

RTVCPlay is the free audio and video on demand platform of the Colombian Public Media System, RTVC. It was launched on July 29, 2016. Between August and September, it had an average of visits of 254 per day, and in October, it increased to 269. The cities with the highest demand are Bogota, Medellín and Barranquilla. Buenos Aires and Madrid ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

 -What is the evaluation of the first months of operation?

It is positive and also a challenge, since it involves having to conquer not only viewers who have traditionally been audiences of the channels and radio stations of the Public Media System, but also those users who have the VOD platforms as a way of consumption, either because they have migrated to this dynamic or because they have grown consuming in this way, like younger people.

They are a demanding public that has a varied and specialized offer for every taste. This has cause us to reflect on what are our differential values and what we offer users, and we note that they value positively: we are a free platform, offering cultural content in which are represented all forms of being Colombian, with regional coverage, with relevant and high-quality children’s content, audiovisual and sound content of heritage value, topics of national, public and citizen interest that Colombians can access at no cost from anywhere and at any time, through the device they prefer.

– What were the main challenges and obstacles of these first months?

The need to have a continuous improvement plan that allows us to improve the usability and functionality of the platform day by day so that the user has an optimal experience.

-Are you planning to sell RTVC’s contents to other OTT platforms?

The contents of RTVCPlay belong directly to the TV channels that produce them and they determine their marketing. In the short term we are planning the production of original content for RTVCPlay in co-production with Señal Colombia, and in that sense we will be open to entering into marketing and exchange dynamics.

-Are you planning to create apps for Smart TVs?

We have already projected this need and of course, we have already started the management to cover this window of access to the platform through Smart TVs. The intention is to be very attentive to analyze the tendencies of the consumption of this type of platforms by the users to guarantee that they have access in optimal conditions.

-Will streaming substitute broadcasting?

It is clear that the dynamics of consumption are changing. The generations that grew with TV are also being conquered by new ways of viewing audiovisual products. For many people today it is very unattractive a programming lineup in which schedules and periodicity are imposed to watch the series or contents of interest; users are now programming their own entertainment lineup.

It is not possible to predict if there will be a definitive replacement, but it is clear that the TV companies must rethink their distribution models and adapt to the new dynamics. There are fewer TV viewers as more people are consuming video on demand. The live broadcast for certain types of events such as sports, political debates, to mention a few, is not exclusive to television anymore. The high quality streaming and the fact that any Facebook user can streaming  live, show that this factor is also changing.