Jadoo unveils launching of digital TV services in Bangladesh

Jadoo subscribers will be better treated. Mohammadi Group’s Digi Jadoo Broadband Ltd got down to launching digital cable connections to procure its subscribers with more channels and better services. Connections already started a month before and the number of customers counts now up to one thousand, according to Navidul Huq, the director of the company.

For clear picture and the delivery of digitally unimpaired signals, Jadoo is selling set-up boxes 31.33USD and 44.56USD each. The set-up boxes will be affixed with Jadoo’s fibre optic cables to each TV set. Compared to conventional analogue system where subscribers are limited to only a certain number of channels, they will now have access to broader range of at least 500 digital connections and will be charged Tk 300 per month.

Huq revealed that Jadoo’s target is to sell 100 000 STBs in Dhaka, where the business will be run at first. Afterwards, it will branch out across Chittagong and Sylhet. In addition, with this digital system, illegal agents will be easily tracked down since each agent will have a connection with the main server at the distributing company.

“I hope digital cable connections would gain popularity in Bangladesh as the companies will take care of the customers”, said Huq.