Islamic TV Al Bayane to be launched in Ivory Coast

Islamic TV Al Bayane – The manifesto in Arabic – is expected to to be launched in March. The announcement was made on December 29 by the President of the Higher Council of Imams (Cosim).

A national Islamic television station named “Al Bayane” could start broadcasting in Côte d’Ivoire “by March 2019,” said Cheick Bouakary Fofana, president of the Higher Council of Imams of Ivory Coast.

Al Bayane will be the first terrestrial TV channel in the country. There are other religious television media, but they are digital or affiliated with satellite packages. This is the case of Catholic TV Ecclesia TV and many Christian evangelical channels.

The liberalization of the audiovisual space in Ivory Coast is recent, it dates from December 2016. Despite this liberalization, the guarantee for the creation of an audiovisual media or terrestrial DTT remains high. It is one billion CFA francs (1.5 million euros) for commercial channels and 500 million CFA francs for faith-based channels.

For the realization of their project, the Muslim religious guides of Ivory Coast had launched a fundraising for the mobilization of one billion CFA francs. Referred to as a “green storm”, the collection operation consisted of collecting a minimum contribution of 1,000 FCFA (€ 1.5) from one million Muslim faithful.

The money collected aims to equip the studios with production equipment and satisfy the financial conditions related to the opening of the television. The owner of the national Islamic radio ‘Al-bayane’ and the newspaper ‘Islam info’ declared that this initiative will allow them to strengthen their presence in the Ivorian media.