ITS incorporates 30 channels to aid DSO process in Nigeria

Rotimi Salami, engineer and General Manager at the Integrated Television Service (ITS), Nigerian Television Authority, recently spoke about how ITS has incorporated 30 channels to help DSO exercise and the numerous job opportunities it would bring to Nigerians when fully launched. 

Salami said they have deployed 30 channels Free to Air which were approved by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, however, they can deliver much more channels. He added that the partnership between StarTimes and ITS was mainly for building the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform for ITS for the envisaged Digital Switch Over (DSO) project. ITS is due to build a platform to allow broadcasters to transmit their content to the general viewership. 

Given the enormous financial cost in building the platform, which ought to come from the government, the partnership had provided ITS the capability of developing the capacity in a PPP arrangement as encouraged by government. Hence taking off government the burden of funding the project.